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Here in this write up we are going to describe about How to sign up/register/create new account for LinkedIn. There are many social networking sites which are used by almost every person just to stay connected with their friends. These websites are not thoroughly professionals’ sites, these sites you can say is semi-professional sites which are used both for professional purpose as well as for personal purpose also. But if you are truly a professional person and looking for a social networking site which is used only for professional (business related) purposes then LinkedIn is the platform for you.

Steps to Sign up in LinkedIn:

  • Visit LinkedIn official site ( Registration form will appear on your display screen , fill out the form (your name , email id and password)  and click on Join Now button to accept the terms and agreement of LinkedIn.
  • Once you finished with this registration form, confirm your email address by clicking the link that was sent on your provided email address by LinkedIn. That’s it! Your LinkedIn account is created and ready for use.
  • As this site is used for professional purposes so you have to complete your profile so that it will be easy for you to expand your work/connections. For this Sign in your LinkedIn account, edit your account by adding your name, your display/profile picture, name of industry or sub-heading etc. and it is bread butter task for you guys.
  • LinkedIn also helps in finding correct jobs for you so fill the next steps very carefully in which you have to add your qualifications as well as your past job description/experience (if have any) so that other people will know for which profile they have to contact you. It is recommended to add short and point to point description about your work so that will be easy for other person to understand quickly.
  • Now to describe the best aspects about your profile, add an in-depth summary on you to give an idea to people about your strengths and currently where are you stand in your career now. You can write a bit long summary but keeping in mind that what you write up is correct and makes proper sense.
  • Add your Skills (Specialties) as sometimes people looking for guys with some particular specialties so you match with those skillsets then it will be easy for those guys to shortlist you (don’t write anything which you can do it but others don’t have any idea about it).
  • To find or get connected with those people whom you already know you can add your Gmail account with your LinkedIn account in LinkedIn.
  • Add your blog url, your personal site or your company’s website link in your LinkedIn account so that people will get to know more about you.
  • Now add a professional recommendation if you are finding a job through your LinkedIn account (add minimum 3 professional recommendations).
  • Optional: To complete your profile you can add any application if you want to.

For Android Users:

  • You can also create your new LinkedIn profile on your android device. For this open your Play store and search for LinkedIn app.
  • Install it on your android device.
  • Open LinkedIn app and fill out the same registration form.
  • Again confirm your provided email address.

Follow the same above mentioned steps on your android device and enjoy your LinkedIn app on your android device.

Are you truly a professional person? Looking for a social site which is only used for purpose? Then you have just come to the perfect site. Then just LINKEDIN and get yourself free from facing any kind of trouble from other sites. LINKEDIN is a business and employment oriented site which not only operates through websites but also through mobile applications. it includes employers posting for jobs and job seekers posting their CV’s in it. The application is highly popular among job seekers.


You should follow these steps to make a linkedin account for yourself.

  1. Open to linkedin webpage
  2. enter all your personal information
  3. click on the option ”join now”
  4. Your linkedin account is ready to help you with job searches.

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The problems which usually people face while linkedin account are;

  • how to reopen a linkedin account
  • how to unsubscribe from linkedin
  • protect linkedin account with spam email’s
  • forgot id and password

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