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Want your PC to run at full speed?

Irrespective of the brands and models, a computer or laptop can develop  issues like accumulation of junk data, hard disk fragmentation , virus infections, low disk space due to lots of junk files, excessive use of computer components and many more. All these issues  lead to decline in system performance. However, it can be resolved with our PC tune up Support services whereby, the computer resources are optimized and hard drives are defragmented to increase the speed of computers.

Like any other machine, your computer also needs a periodic tune-up to ensure its best performance and speed. If you often complain that your PC is running slow or files or programs are taking too much time to open than usual, then get it fixed immediately. Do let us know about the problem by calling at our pc tune up support number .We will surely address your concern at one go.

The Key features of our computer optimization and pc tune up services include:

  • Installation & repair of your Operating system.
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting of your hardware issues.
  • PC optimization for best PC performance.
  • Protection against spyware, virus, adware, etc.
  • Software as well as peripheral troubleshooting.
  • Windows update and software updates.
  • Complete help for restoring CPU disk space by deleting junk files and defragmenting hard drives.
  • Effective troubleshooting of Windows registry and software errors.
  • Comprehensive computer optimization at one flat rate.

Why to call us

Our team of expert technicians will optimize your computer with higher efficiency. Just give the remote access to your computer through internet and they will scan your system and take all the necessary measures by removing viruses, cleaning the junk files  and update the operating system to enhance your computer speed and performance. For any assistance you can reach us at our pc tune up support number+61-180-095-2394 Toll Free.

How to Optimize and Tune-Up your PC Online

Remove Unnecessary Software

It can dramatically slow down a new PC . So, it’s better to uninstall a program pane in the Windows Control Panel which you don’t want for yourself.

Free Up Space By Removing Files

If you are using your computer for a while, you can probably free up disk space by running the excellent Cleaner utility. It will scan your computer for temporary files and you can delete other unnecessary system files to free up space.

Run an Antivirus Scan

If you’re using Windows 8 or 10, you already have Windows Defender installed. If you’re using an older version of Windows, you can get the same protection by installing the free version of Microsoft Security Essentials. If you don’t want to use Microsoft’s antivirus programs for some reason, there is another one recommended for you – that is Avast software which is also available free of cost.

Create Restore Discs

You can restore CDs to easily restore your computer back to its factory default state. This won’t take much of your time and Windows 8 includes ‘built-in refresh’ and ‘reset’ options.

Defragment Your Computer

You can easily optimize your hard drive by defragmenting it. If in case you’re using a solid-state drive, you can skip the defragmenting entirely. But If you’re using an older mechanical drive, you probably don’t have to worry about it because Windows runs defragmentation operations automatically on a schedule. If you want to defragment your hard drive on your own, just open the Disk Defragmenter tool and click the button to run a defragmentation operation.

Restore Your PC To Factory Defaults

One of the biggest tricks up in a technician’s toolkit is to restore a computer to its default settings or reinstalling Windows. This will fix the issues in a computer’s software and put it in a literally “like new” state.

Here are some of the Best PC tune up Software Support Recommended for you !

  1. AVG PC Tune up
  2. IOBit Advanced SystemCare
  3. Slimware SlimCleaner Free
  4. Ashampoo WinOptimizer
  5. CCleaner.

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