Customer Support Number Australia For Apple Inc. +61-180-095-2394

Apple Inc. is an American multinational company which designs, develops, and sells, consumer electronics and computer software also provide online services. Further, it operates all around the world and well known for its Mac PC, iPod tablet PC, and iPhone smartphone. Moreover, here we have listed the customer support numbers for Apple Inc. get customer support.

Apple Inc. Contact And Support 1-800 Phone Number

Looking for an 1-800 contact number for the Apple Inc. then below you can find a list of phone numbers for Apple.

For Product Inquiries & Sales Queries Call At MY-APPLE 800-692-7753

  • Once you connect to my apple it offers you some options from which you can choose your desired one.
  • After you call it says ‘Welcome to Apple, we may record or monitor your call for quality assurance’.
  • It’s an automated system and I’m able to handle complete sentences, so let me know how may I help you today?


For Apple Customer Service Call Us At 1-800-676-2775

After you call it says:

  • We welcome you to Apple, for quality assurance your call may be monitored or recorded.
  • You are interacting with an automated system and I can respond to complete sentences, so how can I assist you today?


For IPad, Mac, And IPod Technical Support In U.S. Call Us At APLLE-CARE 800-275-2273

When you call, it welcomes you then it says:

  • Thank you very much for calling Apple Care. For which Apple products, you are calling about?
  • Sorry, please call the name of the Apple product you’re calling about such as MacBook Pro or iPhone 5.


IPhone Technical Support For U.S. Call At MY-IPHONE 800-694-7466

After you call, an automated system should attend you and it says like this:

  • We are pleased that you called us, thank you for calling Apple Care. What type of iPhone you are owning? For example, say iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, a 3GS or you can say it’s a different device.
  • For example, you say: iPhone 5.


After this you get the following response:

Now before we next please provide the serial number from your product. It takes a few steps to help me find the details of your device. The details of will help the adviser to assist you. This number is often found in the in settings under “about” or on the original packaging on outside of the device. Once you are ready to provide me the serial number then say I’m ready or say hold on if you need a moment. Further, if you can’t locate the number say help me find it.

For Education And Individuals Consumer (Apple Store In US) Call At MY-APPLE 800-692-7753

  • Apple Store call at 800-800-2775 for Education Institutions.
  • Apple Store call at 800-854-3680 for Small Business.
  • For Trainers, Resellers, Consultants call at (Reseller Referral) 800-538-9696
  • Education Individuals and Consumer (Canada Apple Store) call at MY-APPLE 800-692-7753
  • For Apple Financial Services 800-854-3680
  • Contact Apple Rebates at 1-877-4-APL-PROMO 1-877-427-5776